Married in 2002, photographic beginnings in 2004 with a move across countries and a youthful fascination with portrait photography and the editorial pages of Harpers Bazaar & Vogue. Inspired by fashion, Seth & Tenielle began experimenting, creating imagery bred from nothing more than their imaginations & the sheer desire to make art. Human connection has always been a significant part of Seth & Tenielle’s lives so after two years in the fashion industry shooting editorials, they felt compelled to create more soulful & meaningful imagery. Feather & Stone was created. Based in California, they have over a decade of experience shooting destination weddings worldwide for exclusive clientele with renowned Wedding Planners. Seth and Tenielle have established themselves as fashion forward artists synonymous with cinematic, soulful, emotive imagery & a fine eye for detail.

Seth and Tenielle of Feather and Stone Photography

“Making an AUTHENTIC CONNECTION with our clients is the foundation of our work”

design & direction


Photography is our art form, our self expression.

We’re driven by life experiences centered on people, authentic connections & beauty readily found in nature.

With a deep adoration for travel & an appetite for adventure we’ve paved our journey together calling many different continents home including Australia, Southern Africa & USA.

As a Husband and Wife team we shoot exclusively together.  Being seamless in our approach & united in our creative vision bestows us a consistency and quality that’s awarded us distinction within the industry.

As artists we appreciate the elements that make for beautiful imagery.

Light, location, composition, texture, color, emotion.

In order to craft an emotive & heartfelt story, we feel these elements must be guided, shaped, molded & woven together from start to finish.

With a relaxed approach we balance the beauty of composed direction whilst gently nurturing natural & honest emotion, eternalizing each couple’s story through once in a lifetime imagery that’s both heartfelt & evocative.

Making an authentic connection with our clients is the foundation of our work.

Committed to our clients, in collaboration with their planner we take a hands on approach to craft a tailor-made timeline. Paying keen attention to detail, we educate ourselves on the creative choices and personalized elements our clients curate for their wedding.

Above all, the exclusive experience we seek to provide our clients & their loved ones is of upmost importance to us, therefore we accept no more than 12 wedding commissions per year.

We are more than just photographers, we are artists who pour our hearts into preserving stories & the passage of time through our imagery.

– Seth & Tenielle