You’re getting married!

Date, Dress, Venue, Photographer in no particular order of course. So many decisions and so little time. 

Once you have the big decisions behind you it’s time to talk about timing.

The timing of each event on your wedding day is often left to last minute yet it’s one of the most crucial aspects of your wedding day, especially when it comes to photography.



Wedding Ceremony at Malibu Rocky Oaks Wedding Venue

Light is everything

For photographers who consider themselves artists lighting is everything. Whether we use natural light or engineer the lighting ourselves it has to be planned for in advance.

For locations and wedding venues that rely on natural light we recommend planning your daytime activities backwards from sunset.

Cucuron France Wedding Venue with olive trees

For locations and wedding venues that require additional lighting we recommend allowing additional time between events to allow for the setup and teardown of equipment used to light your event.

Tenielle and I at the earliest stages of the planning process assist both our couples and their wedding planning professionals to prepare for perfect light.

So if you or someone you know is planning a wedding please add “Timeline” to your to do list, preferably after “Photographer”.